Live Streaming

Is your business, a multi-location business? Does your business take place in more than just one confined space? If yes, live streaming would be every essential for your business! For instance, if your resources are scattered geographically, the data exchange might take a certain amount of time lag. For instance, the information shared in a meeting in Melbourne would take a considerable amount of time to reach the employees in Sydney. However, with live streaming of the meeting, the concerned employees can grasp the information instantly. The live streaming would reduce the resource cost, quite significantly. All the data can be grasped without physical movement of resources. Thus, time, energy and money are saved!

Why should you choose Ping Solution?

Live streaming might look simple in terms of technology. However, there are a lot of hardware and software in the market which provide this particular service. Ping Solutions provides you with the right software and hardware which would help you to have a stable and reliable streaming of data, anywhere and anytime.

Live streaming installation is not a one-time process. The technology is improving everyday and it is important to catch up to the world. Ping Solutions helps you to update to the latest technology. The programmers at Ping Solutions also develop certain features which would help to satisfy niche needs of your business.

Does your business need live streaming?

Your business requires a live streaming; if,

  • Your business relies on instant data handling, like, media business
  • Your business requires instant data transfer to many viewers, at the same time. For instance, a press conference in Melbourne can be made available at your office desk in a few minutes.
  • Your resources are separated by a huge distance

Types of services

There are three basic services when it comes to live streaming.

  • DIY- This package has flash streaming with resources for 25 viewers to be connected at the same time.
  • Standard- This package has flash streaming which can connect up to 50 viewers, at the same time. The hardware is also installed by our expert. A personalized page is created for transferring data.
  • Professional- 100 viewers can watch your streaming. The hardware is installed by our experts and an on-line technician is always to provide services instantly. A personalized page is also created.

A business depends on information sharing. A business becomes successful if it can instantly transfer information to the customers and employees. Creating an online event with people from different locations is a very ideal setup for companies which have offshore clients and employees. The employees working on-site can provide instant information to the people at the office.

Contact our consultant today. The consultant would visit your company, learn about the basic processes and would provide information regarding the requirement, type and the other aspects of a live streaming service. This assessment is made based on the current and the future needs of the customer. He would provide you the options and your work is to pick up the option which you think is the best for your company and Ping Solutions would take care of the rest.

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