Backup Solutions

No matter what type of business you are in, your data is the heart of your process. From a strategy point of view, the best way to reduce the process time is to make your data available at the right time and also to secure the data for easy future reference. You cannot store all the data in a single computer or server and consider it to be secure. Your data might be affected by viruses, spies, hardware malfunction, software malfunction, manual error or sometimes, even total system crash, theft or fire.

Think of a situation where your hard drive crashes in the middle of the day and you have lost all the sales record, accounting files, client works and other important contracts. Recreating all the documents from scratch is possible but, would cost you a lot of money, time and other resources, not to mention that your productivity will be mitigate significantly.

Why is back-up essential?

  • 1 MB worth of your business data is approximately $10,000 worth according to studies.
  • Rebuilding 20MB of lost data would take a minimum of 3 weeks and would cost more than 17 thousand dollars.
  • Leaked data would cost $180 to rectify and might also lead to loss of customers.
  • Retrieving data from a crashed hard drive does not have 100% success rate and the cost is also high.

Methods of back-up

Though all the companies require a back-up, the needs and the features of the backup solutions differ from one company to another. There are three main options, when it comes to backup solutions in Ping Solutions.

  • Onsite backup
  • Offsite backup
  • Hybrid (combination of both onsite and offsite backup)

Why choose Ping Solutions?

You might have seen a lot of software available online for creating backup. However, such software is not customized for your requirement of your company. Compromising on a few features might lead to huge losses. Thus, you need a solution which suits your requirements. We, at Ping Solutions help you, by

  • Providing different options in terms of types, methods and degrees of backup, based on your company’s complexity, data type, business requirement and also the business style.
  • Creating, configuring and tailoring the backup process
  • Providing technical and basic training about the backup and retrieval process
  • Providing back-up solutions for servers, shared business data and workstations
  • Backup reports generation

For a very affordable fee, your data would be secured and automatically back-up. Thus, loss of any data due to mishap can be replaced instantly. This would help to reduce any lag in the productivity of the business and also increase the security of the process. You can also use the backup process as a marketing point to express how secured and safe your client’s data is protected within your resources.

Not all the options which are provided by the Ping Solutions would be apt for your business. Feel free to contact our consultant to learn about the right solution for your current and future requirements. We help you avoid any business loss or reputation loss, due to loss of valuable data.