IT Support

IT is the backbone of every business. Unless you are a brick and mortar company, you would need IT based resources. Installing and configuring your IT resources is a one-time process and hiring a separate team of employees would increase the cost and maintenance factor. Thus, it is better to outsource the process to the right company. We, at Ping Solutions will help you by providing the skilled and experienced team which would satisfy all your IT based requirements. Our dedicated IT support department helps you in areas including;

  • Remote support, on-site support and/or telephone support
  • IT maintenance – preventive maintenance, virus protection, virus removal and network security
  • Server – installation, configuration and support
  • Auditing – status report and feedback

How are we different?

There are a lot of computer consultant companies in Australia. Why should one prefer to choose Ping Solutions? Alternatively, why are most of the businesses availing services from the Ping Solutions? Most of our rival companies provide similar services with different package names. How is Ping Solution different from the other companies?

  • We help to create a plan based on the current size and style of the business and the perceived size of the business. For instance, if your business is focused only in Sydney and your objective is to spread your business all over Australia, then our plan would include scalability, increase in the complexity and requirements of your business.
  • Our line of service is very simple. You can choose the mode of communication and contact the project manager dedicated to your company. He would help you in determining the required resources, the current status, required time and other related information.
  • We have partnered with pioneers in technology and the best suppliers, when it comes to IT support. Thus, we would be able to provide you a better solution in terms of software, hardware and services, such that they are tailor made to fit your needs.
  • We have a dynamic group of employees who have the skills required by your enterprise and have a wide experience in IT support. With such a dedicated team, we would be able to provide you the services within the time allotted and also with high effectiveness.

With partnered suppliers, best human resource and a well designed line of process, we would be able to provide you a cost effective support for your business. Every business has to grow online and offline, to survive in this competitive market. If you are an established organization and want to allow for expanding your business, we would help you create a better IT department that would help you to move your business to the next level, without interfering with the current process. In case of a start-up company, we would be able to provide you ideas about how to set up the IT resource, the right hardware, software and other technologies. Not all IT resources available in the market would suit your requirements. Our experts would convert your requirements into IT resources effectively. Thus, we would help you to set-up or migrate to a better IT platform.

For cost-effective IT support to take your business forward, contact us for a free no-obligation IT appraisal.