Hosting Services

With the right hosting packages, you can have many web applications available and it would make the process faster, convenient, powerful and simple. Ping Solutions offer a wide variety of hosting plans which would suit your needs. Some business might require a simple WordPress blog and some might require an online store with osCommerce.

What do we do at Ping Solutions?

  • Our experts would help you understand each and every package. This would help you to choose the right package, which would serve your current and near future requirements.
  • If you already have a package and want to upgrade it, our experts would make the transition easier for you. Training shall be provided to your employees about the basics of the new packages.
  • We help you build a better online marketing process

Our services

We provide a wide range of hosting services including;

  • Domain registration, renewable, transfer and back order
  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting and exchange
  • Fax to Email
  • DNS hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Spam filter
  • Linux and windows server
  • Site builder
  • Email marketing, search submit, web statistics and other optimization process.

In short, Ping Solutions would help you to create a domain, build a website and market your product. Every business, today, is being marketed online. In this busy world, a lot of people move to the internet for information, purchase and services. It is very essential to have a standing and functioning online site to connect to your customers. A customer who is lost is not just one; you are losing all the referrals and word of mouth you might be receiving from the customer. The opportunity cost of a lost customer is very high and thus, it is important to opt for the right hosting services.

How is it tailored?

All the companies might require a web hosting but not of the same kind. The requirements of a fitness club site are totally different from a construction company site. At Ping Solutions, our expert team would assess your current requirements and the future plans and create a platform which is scalable in the future, which meets your current requirement and also is simpler.

A perfect site and a good hosting plan would enable your business page to be ranked high on the search engines. However, that is not the success of hosting. A site is considered to be fruitful only when many customers visit your site. You need specialized marketing techniques which would help you to increase the footprint of the customers. Starting from increasing your page rank such that your site is seen on the first page of Google to SEM and SEO process, Ping Solution would help to increase the number of customer visits to your site. The visits are very essential to convert potential customers into actual customers. In short, a perfect online business future lies with Ping Solutions.