Serving migration agents in Australia, with the best IT tools 

We know that the work of the migration agent is very complex and has to adhere to many legal laws and rules. Every day, a migration agent would be soliciting many clients. It is not easy to manage such a situation without a proper network.

Why do you need Ping Solutions?

  • Your data needs a very high level of privacy and security. We, at Ping Solutions, understand the importance of your data and provide you high level data security management.
  • Virus, spam and spyware protection are given to reduce the threat of data mishandling.
  • We protect your data from internal intruders too by providing hierarchy based security system.
  • The loss of data due to hard drive malfunctioning or manual errors can be rectified immediately with our off-site and on-site backup process.
  • As all your processes are linked to the server, you need a dependable network for smooth processing. We provide network and server integration that would help you rely on your network and servers, completely.
  • Every technology has its own problems and can cause a few problems, while working. Our dedicated IT support team would help you get answers instantly.
  • You might not be aware of the latest software packages which are available in the market for increasing the efficiency. We have partnership with many software providers and would be able to integrate your office with the latest software packages that would help you serve your clients with high effectiveness and efficiency.
  • With proper software and hardware elements, you need not have your employees focus IT related work and this would help you use your resources effectively for reaching your goals.

How Ping Solutions help you gain more customers?

  • Every individual seeks the help of the internet when he is searching for a particular need. We help you  create a better online portal which would help you to attract more customers.
  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of your processes would, in turn, increase your customer satisfaction and also the number of customers you can deal would increase.
  • You can increase your customer base, without increasing the pressure on your resources. In other words, your efficiency would augment.

Software, we are familiar with

Our experienced and skilled team is capable of integrating many software packages for your company. We mainly deal with;

  • Practice Evolve
  • LEAP Migration Manager

How are we different from others?

  • Other IT service providers would help you integrate an IT resource. However, we help you integrate an IT resource in accordance with your objectives.
  • We understand that no two migration agents have the same needs, when it comes to IT. We provide varying packages for different needs.
  • The cost of the process, the need of certain equipments and the overall process would be explained to you, without using any jargons. The cost details are given up front and thus, you will not get any surprise bills from us.
  • Most importantly, you can have a free consultant arrive at your place to audit your current process.
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