Providing in depth IT services for law firms individual lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers. 

A law firm requires computers, networks and other IT related support to make the process easier, better, faster and accurate. As an IT support provider, we would help you with;

  • LEAP Legal setup and installation. We are an IT partner of LEAP Legal and if your company requires any support from LEAP, our experts will sort it out for you.
  • High standard IT services without confusing with technical jargons.
  • We know that your data is either private or secret and thus, we provide maximum security from virus, spyware and spam.
  • We help you set up a network which works around the clock and our support team would help you keep all the technologies updated.
  • Document management service for all your case application to make tracking easier.
  • As said earlier, the data you have is very essential for your process and we provide the best backup service which would help you to retrieve the data immediately.
  • Speed and accuracy are two important pointers for success in your business and we help you achieve  it with a high speed support system and high quality service.
  • We help you create a better online site to connect your customers.
  • A sub-standard service is equal to no service. We do not provide excuses, but answers.
  • We have the updates technologies and fast implementation process that would not interfere with your daily transactions.
  • No matter how big your firm is and how many client you take up, we can help you create an IT base which would scale up as your business gets larger.
  • We help you reduce the cost of hiring separate service providers for hosting, backup creation and other IT related task with our one stop solution process.
  • We understand that having an online application and a data monitoring system would help you assist your client, easily.
  • Unlike other IT service providers, we do not just hand you the technology. We create a better platform for you to perform with these technologies.
  • Clients tend to use your firm if you provide outstanding service to them. You need a competitive strategy to stand in this market, as an outstanding service and we provide you the technology to increase your client service standards.
  • In short, we help you to avoid dissatisfaction, increase the speed of your process and reduce the errors. Thus, helping you provide better service to your clients and creating more profit.
  • No matter how small your law firm is, you need a technology which would help you to connect to the clients and process the data efficiently. We, at Ping Solutions help you integrate such a platform at competitive rates and also with high efficiency.

Feel free to contact us have a free visit to your company. We would help you to learn more about the current scenario of your IT process and the methods or ways to improve it with the big picture effect in mind.

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